Logitech C505 Software, Drivers, Review, and Manual Setup

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Logitech C505 Review

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Logitech C505 is one of the best products from Logitech. This webcam has 720pHD video quality and a remote microphone that supports clear conversations up to 3 meters away. The Logitech C505 also supports a 2m USB-A cable and can also increase the internal laptop’s optical capabilities. This webcam can also provide good quality video quality and clear and with HD resolution of 720p/30fps widescreen. The Logitech C505 also provides a 60° diagonal view with an automatic light correction that adapts to room illumination.

Logitech C505


Features and Design

The Logitech C505 omnidirectional microphone features technology that reduces noise and supports clear conversations up to 3 meters away. And even in a busy environment like the office, you can hear conversations very clearly. The Logitech C505 also has a universal long, 7-foot USB-A cable and clip, as well as a multi-purpose installation. Do it the manual way and position it securely on the laptop or equipment up to 2 m from your computer.

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The Logitech C505 only has 720pHD resolution but not full HD. Mean that if you plan to record YouTube or videos in full HD 1080p, it does not recommend to use this webcam. But if all you need is Zoom or Skype to friends and family with HD 720p, you can use the Logitech C505. The Logitech C505 is sold at a very affordable price so that you can buy it. The Logitech C505 is a decent and robust webcam with excellent compatibility.

Logitech C505 also has been designed by Logitech. All products from Logitech are of the highest quality, so you don’t have to worry about damage. But on this webcam, there are some features that it doesn’t have, such as side-to-side swiveling, a tripod mount, and the image quality is not full HD 1080p. The field of view is a bit narrow, which can be a plus or a minus, depending on how you use it. But using the Logitech C505, you get peace of mind that Logitech created this webcam. Logitech C505 is also available at the nearest store that sells products from Logitech, and the prices are very affordable.


Logitech C505


Logitech C505 Specifications

Webcam Specifications

Connection Type USB
OS Support Windows 10, ChromeOS, Android, macOS
Connection Corded USB
USB Type High-Speed USB 2.0
Built-in Long-range microphone, Noise Suppression
Lens and Sensor Type Plastic
Focus Type Fixed
Field of View  60°
Focal Length 4.0 mm
Optical Resolution 1280 x 960 1.2MP
Image Capture (4:3 SD) 320×240, 640×480 1.2 MP, 3.0 MP
Image Capture (16:9 W) 360p, 480p, 720p
Video Capture (4:3 SD) 320×240, 640×480, 800×600
Video Capture (16:9 W) 360p, 480p, 720p,
Frame Rate (max) 30fps @ 640×480
Video Effects (VFX) N/A
Right Light Right Light 2
Buttons Other NA
Indicator Lights (LED) Activity/Power
Privacy Shade No
Clip Size max 0 to infinity
Cable Length 7 Feet
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System Requirements

Basic Requirement Minimum CPU = 1GHz
Recommended CPU = 1.6GHz 
Minimum RAM = 1GB
Recommended RAM = 2GB
HD Requirement Recommended CPU = 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Recommended RAM = 2 GB

Product Dimensions

Webcam Height: 1.26 in

Width: 2.87 in 

Depth: 2.62 in 

Cable length: 7 ft 

Weight: 2.65 oz

Manual Download

Logitech C505 Manual Setup (pdf)

Download Now

Drivers Download

Camera Settings (Windows)

  • Software Version: 2.12.8
  • Last Update: 2020-10-26
  • OS: Windows 10
  • File Size:76.5 MB

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Camera Settings (Mac)

  • Software Version: 3.0.23
  • Last Update: 2020-10-26
  • OS: macOS 11.0, macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13
  • File Size:36.4 MB

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