Logitech G3 Software Download and Drivers for Windows

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Logitech G3 Review

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Logitech G3 has six buttons and fast DPI settings and has a maximum of 2000 DPI, and the Logitech G3 has enough horsepower to satisfy extreme gamers. This Logitech G3 is very smooth than other mice and has a symmetrical design that places the left and right in the same place. Logitech G3 also has a Logitech SetPoint software that equips this mouse with various customizing buttons, cursor effects, and DPI events.

Logitech G3 has a very slippery base that is easy to use and comfortable. Logitech G3 can increase switches and can program with 800 and 1600 DPI cables. Logitech G3 is highly recommended for those of you who want to have it. Logitech G3 has a smaller and lighter design, thanks to the DryGrip side surface. The small size of the G3 mouse isn’t ideal for people with big hands, and the G3 side buttons are more comfortable when you click.


Logitech G3


Performance and Features

Logitech G3 offers a non-skid surface along the sides for better grip, can last 250 km, and is responsive, even though the keys are a bit stiff. One of the main features that are highly relied on by Logitech G3 is DPI tracking. With the latest 2000 DPI laser tracker paired with a 6.4 megapixel per second image processing engine inside, it can say that this mouse is extraordinary.

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This Logitech G3 has excellent performance and quality, so when you use this mouse to play games, this mouse does not lag even. Using this mouse is much more comfortable and enjoyable. If you want to use this mouse, it is not recommended to have this mouse if your hand is too big. Because this mouse has a small size, so your hands are difficult to hold this G3 mouse.

Logitech G3 will add new fans like you who are left-handed, making it the only gaming mouse from Logitech that offers ambidextrous support. So you are left-handed can easily use this mouse. This mouse is also a mainstay for anyone because it can use anywhere without any obstacles. Logitech G3 gaming mouse is an excellent upgrade for left-handed gamers or those who prefer a smaller and more responsive mouse.

Logitech G3 is also available at the nearest store that sells products from Logitech, and you also don’t need to worry because this mouse is very durable and comfortable when used. This mouse also does not lag at all and is very suitable for gamers because it is fast and does not fade when used, helping you when playing games. Logitech G3 has a very unique and attractive appearance because it can say as a tiny mouse.




Logitech G3 Specifications


  • Sensitivity switching on-the-fly
  • 2000dpi
  • Ambidextrous design; Image Processing: 6.4 megapixels/second; Max. Speed: 45-65 inches/second (depending on surface); USB Data Format: 16 bits/axis;USB Report Rate: 500 reports/second; Sensitivity switching on-the-fly
  • Approx. 112 x 62 x 35mm
  • Approx. 99g
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Drivers Download


SetPoint (32-bit)

  • Software Version: 6.69.126
  • Last Update: 2019-04-25
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 80.2 MB

Download Now

SetPoint (64-bit)

  • Software Version: 6.69.126
  • Last Update: 2019-04-25
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 82.6 MB

Download Now

SetPoint (Smart Installer)

  • Software Version: 6.70.55
  • Last Update: 2021-02-01
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • File Size: 4.34 MB

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