Logitech G333 K/DA Reviews and Specifications

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Logitech G333 K/DA Reviews

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The Logitech G333 K/DA is one of the best earphones from Logitech. Logitech G333 K/DA is high-fidelity audio so that when you communicate obviously. From your cellphone to the console and the desktop, you will still hear the unmistakable sound produced by these earphones. You can also carry these earphones wherever you go because earphones are specially designed for those who travel while enjoying music with earphones and are also very suitable for playing games using these earphones.

The Logitech G333 K/DA also has dual dedicated audio Drivers, one for high/mids and one for bass. These earphones have excellent quality audio, and the resulting sound is also apparent. The Logitech G333 K/DA also has a high-quality in-line microphone for clear communication and chat. These earphones also have integrated controls that allow you to play smoothly, pause, or mute the audio. This earphone microphone also allows you to take calls when you use it on your cell phone.


Logitech G333 K/DA



Using this earphone, you can choose between 3 soft and flexible silicone tips that fit inside your ear. This means that they are very comfortable and suitable for use while playing games if you use these earphones. For gamers, it is highly recommended to have these earphones because they will get an immersive gaming experience through the Logitech G333 K/DA. The Logitech company has also just introduced the latest earphones for gamers, the Logitech G333 K/DA. These earphones are the first earphones created for gamers so that you can use them comfortably while playing games.

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The Logitech G333 K/DA also lets you play games to the fullest without any obstacles. These earphones also produce highly optimized sound wherever you are. The Logitech G333 K/DA is made of sturdy aluminium so that you can use these earphones for a long time. These earphones also have a flat model cable made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The earphone cable also has high flexibility so that it is not easily broken even if it is bent up to 10 million times. Logitech G333 K/DA is also available at the nearest store that sells products from Logitech.



Logitech G333 KDA Specifications

Earphone Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • 2 dynamic drivers: 0.2 in + 0.3 in
  • Frequency: 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz
  • Impedance: 24 Ohms ±20%
  • Sensitivity: 101.6±3 dB @ 1 kHz SPL


  • 0.2 in ECM mic, and sensitivity: 42dB

Physical Specifications

  • Weight: 0.47 oz

Platform Compatibility

  • Any device with 0.1 in or USB-C input

Warranty Information

  • 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Platform Compatibility

  • Any device with 0.1 in or USB-C input

2 Dynamic Drivers

  • 0.2 IN + 0.3 IN


  • 0.47 OZ


  • 101.6±3 DB @ 1 kHz SPL


  • Product Name: G333 K/DA Wired Stereo Gaming Earphones for PC, Select Consoles, and Mobile
  • Brand: Logitech
  • Additional Accessories Included: 3 different ear tips sizes (S, M, L), USB-C adapter, carrying pouch.
  • Ear Tip Sizes Included: Large, Medium, Small


  • Connection Type: Wired
  • Connector Size: 1/8 in