Logitech G7 Software, Review, and Drivers for Windows

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Logitech G7 Review

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Logitech G7 is one of the best products from Logitech. The Logitech G7 has a design very similar to the Logitech MX518, but of course, with different features. Logitech G7 has a 2000dpi sensor and includes SetPoint software that lets you adjust your mouse’s sensitivity to keep it comfortable anywhere. You can save five different settings and even set different speeds on the X and Y axes.

You can switch between sensitivity settings by pressing the + and – buttons on this mouse. Of course, you can change the sensitivity on the fly at the push of a button, and meanwhile, a set of three LEDs gives you information about the five settings you are currently using. This mouse has an adjustable resolution in 50dpi increments between 400 and 2000dpi. And once you move the mouse, the current location will be shown by an orange LED. And by releasing the mouse for a few seconds, a battery indicator will appear and offer you a set of green LEDs indicating the battery charge level.

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Logitech G7



Using the Logitech G7, it is comfortable for you when playing games, and also, this mouse has two removable Li-Ion battery packs. It is a flat box placed at the bottom of the mouse, and to take out the battery, you have to press the eject button, and it will pop out. The charger plugs into your USB port like a regular wireless mouse receiver and has a single battery slot.

The top of the charging station has a USB port that you can attach to the receiver, which might seem like an odd solution, but it can streamline LANs regularly for Logitech. It proves to be a useful feature for the Logitech G7 and allows you to carry only a USB key. Logitech G7 is also available at the nearest store that sells products from Logitech.




Logitech G7 Specifications

Mouse Specifications

Connection Type Cordless USB
Sensor Type Invisible Optical
DPI Settings
  • 400, 800, 2000 out-of-box (3 Settings)
  • 400 to 2000 adjustable 50 increments with software (5 Settings)
DPI Settings Buttons Minus (-), Plus (+)
Forward / Back Buttons Back
Connect / Power Button Connect / Power Button
FreeSpin / Ratchet Mode N/A
USB Report Rate
  • 500 reports per second out-of-box
  • 125 to 1000 reports per second
Tuning Weights N/A
Onboard Memory N/A
Profiles (Max) N/A
Battery Size and Type 1 proprietary Lithium-ion (Rechargeable)
Battery Replacement Replaceable
Battery Life
  • 4 days of normal 
  • 2 days of the average game
  • 7 hours of continuous game
Time to Full Charge
  • 1.5 Hours (Fast Charge) – Boost Mode
  • 9.5 Hours (Slow Charge) – Normal Mode
Indicator Lights (LED) Battery/Power/DPI Settings
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General Product Specifications

Warranty / Self Help See the product support page for warranty duration and frequently asked questions
Cordless Protocol 2.4 GHz QUAD
Cordless Range 10 Meters
Software Support (at release) SetPoint 4.80, SetPoint 3.10, SetPoint 2.60, Connect.
OS Support (at release)
  • Windows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64 (SetPoint 4.80)
  • Windows 2000 (SetPoint 3.10)
  • Windows 98, Windows ME (SetPoint 2.60)

Receiver Specifications

Connection Type USB
Size Mini
USB Type Full Speed, USB 2.0
Connect No button

Product Dimensions

Mouse w/o battery Width: 72.2 mm (2.84 inch)

Depth: 130.3 mm (5.13 inch)

Height: 43.6 mm (1.72 inch)

Weight: 115 g (4.06 ounce)

Mouse w/ battery Width: 72.2 mm (2.84 inch)

Depth: 130.3 mm (5.13 inch)

Height: 43.6 mm (1.72 inch)

Weight: 134 g (4.73 ounces)

Receiver Width: 14.4 mm (.57 inch)

Depth: 40.3 mm (1.59 inch)

Height: 6.7 mm (.26 inch)

Weight: 11.8g (.42 ounce)

Drivers Download


Logitech G HUB

  • Software Version: 2022.5.263319
  • Last Update: 2022-05-11
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • File Size: 40.7 MB

Download Now

Logitech Connection Utility

  • Software Version: 2.30.9
  • Last Update: 2018-06-05
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 1.1 MB

Download Now


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