Logitech H390 Headset Software, Review, and Specifications

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Logitech H390 USB Headset With Microphone Review

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The Logitech H390 Headset With Microphone is one of the best products from Logitech. This headset is very safe to use and durable and is very suitable for use by students. The Logitech H390 Headset is designed to withstand everyday use and be easy to use, and easy to clean. This means that students can use the headset directly and move on to lessons by simply plugging the USB connector into the USB port on a computer or laptop, including a Chromebook.


logitech-h390 headset-software
Logitech H390 Headset


Design and Features

The Logitech H390 Headset With Microphone is designed for students, as it provides digital stereo sound with a volume limit of 85dB to protect your ears. This headset is also easy to use because all you have to do is plug the USB connector into a USB port computer or laptop. The Logitech H390 Headset also has an on-ear design with thicker earbuds to help minimize classroom noise so you can focus on studying. This headset also has a microphone on the left that can be positioned so that you are comfortable using it while lessons are in progress.

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The Logitech H390 Headset features a soft headband that’s easy to adjust and has a durable non-PVC cable. This headset can also be cleaned with any cloth, making it very easy for you to clean it. The Logitech H390 Headset is made of non-toxic plastic and has a volume limit of 85dB to protect the ear. OSHA and NIOSH also recommend this Logitech H390 Headset With Microphone.

The Logitech H390 Headset can produce clear sound and is compatible with most learning platforms. The Logitech H390 Headset also retails for around $42.59. Enjoy the best sound quality produced by this headset, and it also has a USB-A plug-and-play connection, as well as a noise-canceling microphone. The Logitech H390 Headset is ideal for voice calls, Skype, webinars and more, and has a cable length of 233 cm. Logitech H390 Headset With Microphone is also available at the nearest store that sells products from Logitech.



Logitech H390 Headset Specifications

Headsets and Earphones Specifications

Connection Type USB
Microphone Type Adjustable
Adjustable Headband Yes
Earcup Padding Yes
Headband Padding Yes
Headband Design Over the head
Cable Length (Audio in) 130cm / 4.3ft
Inline Controls No
Microphone Yes
Microphone Type Adjustable
Noise Cancellation Yes
Sensitivity (Headphone) <85dBA
Sensitivity (Microphone) -17dBV/Pa +/- 4dB
Frequency Response (Headphone) 40Hz – 13kHz
Driver Size 30 mm / 1.18in
Frequency Response (Microphone) 200Hz – 6.5kHz

General Product Specifications

Software Support (at release) N/A
System Requirements The available USB port on devices including computers, laptops, and Chromebooks

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