Logitech Z625 Software, Review, and Manual Download

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Logitech Z625 Review

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Logitech Z625 is one of the best products from Logitech. The Logitech Z625 is a THX Certified 2.1 system and delivers game-class audio and the best sound experience for listening to music. This speaker also has a peak power of 400Watt / 200Watt RMS for clear sound with booming bass. You can connect three compatible devices using this speaker via the optical input, 3.5mm, or RCA.

The Logitech Z625 has an additional optical input, and it can also be connected to your TV or console, making it much more efficient to use than its predecessor. The Z625 speaker set remains a 2.1 audio system consisting of 2 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer, and its combined power output stands at a peak power of 400 watts. Mean that the features of the Logitech Z625 are beautiful and can produce evident sound quality.

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The Logitech Z625 is also equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack so that you can listen clearly. The Logitech Z625 speaker set is the perfect choice for audiophiles who want to enjoy crystal clear sound, as it has an audio system that has enough power to fill a room with blaring music.


Logitech Z625



Logitech Z625 design provides the most authentic experience when you use it, and Logitech Z625 is THX certified and 400Watt / RMS Peak power of 200Watts for clear sound. Mean, you can enjoy a powerful sound that you can hear and feel using this Logitech Z625. The Logitech Z625 supports multiple inputs simultaneously, including optical, 3.5mm, and RCA inputs.

Mean you can connect up to three compatible devices, such as game consoles, televisions, and computers. And also, you don’t need to disconnect when switching between audio sources. Logitech Z625 is also available at the nearest store that sells products from Logitech.


Logitech Z625 Specifications

Speaker Specifications

Speaker Type 2.1 Speakers
Connection Optical, Analog (Stereo RCA), Analog (3.5mm aux) on both subwoofer and right satellite
Indicator Lights (LED) White LED when powered on
Power Rating (RMS)  200w
Driver Size Satellites: 63.5mm/2.5in

Subwoofer: 177.8/7in

Sound Pressure Level (SPL Max)  >103 dBC
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Subwoofer: 105 dB, A-weighted

Satellites: 92 dB, A-weighted

Frequency Response 35 Hz – 20 kHz
Input Impedance 4kohm
Audio Controls Power, Volume, Bass controls integrated into Right Satellite.
Audio Output 3.5mm Headphone Output Jack integrated into Right Satellite.
Cable Length Audio-In (Analog 3.5mm) 200cm/78.7in, Right Satellite to Subwoofer 200cm/78.7in, Left Satellite to Subwoofer 200cm/78.7in.
Cable Length (Power/Charging) 200cm/78.7in

General Product Specifications

System Requirements • Computers, music players, TVs, DVD players, and other audio sources with 3.5 mm, RCA audio or Optical out
• PlayStation2, PLAYSTATION3, Xbox 360, or Wii using the AV cable that came with the console.

Product Dimensions

Right Satellite Height:  195 mm (7.7 inches)

Width: 116 mm (4.6 inches)

Depth: 135 mm (5.3 inches)

Weight: 900 g (31.7 ounces)

Left Satellite Height:  195 mm (7.7 inches)

Width: 116 mm (4.6 inches)

Depth: 124 mm (4.9 inches)

Weight: 850 g (30 ounces)

Subwoofer Height: 264 mm (10.4 inches)

Width: 282 mm (11.1 inch)

Depth: 303 mm (11.9 inches)

Weight: 6500 g (229.2 ounces)

Manual Download

Logitech Z625 Manual Setup (pdf)

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