Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Review and Drivers

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Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Review

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The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition is one of the best products from Razer. This keyboard results from an update from the BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 Elite, so this keyboard can be perfect because it has mechanical and backlit keys and eliminates 10 keypads. That way, this keyboard will be slimmer and lighter, making it easier to carry anywhere. The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition is a mechanical gamer keyboard that has an adjustable backlight. And this keyboard also supports BlackWidow TE and uses Cherry MX Blue switches with 2 actuation stages, thus providing a better touch response.


Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition


Design and Features

The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition is very sturdy so that you can use it for a long time. The keyboard also has anti-ghosting and a dedicated key switch technology that allows up to 10 keys to be pressed simultaneously. The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition does not use a dedicated numeric keypad, as this keyboard is designed to be shorter and lighter. But not having a numeric keypad will annoy some people, especially anyone who uses the keyboard for productive work like working with spreadsheets. So this keyboard is highly recommended only for you real gamers for you to use when playing games.

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The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition features a removable USB connection, allowing you to pack this keyboard very easily without any hassle. And also to protect the keyboard while in your suitcase. This keyboard is equipped with a complete protector with a separate storage pocket for the detachable USB cable. The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition also doesn’t have the flashing backlight set by default, only having green for the backlit buttons.

This means that using the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition will look cool, but maybe you will be a little more worried because the buttons are sometimes too blurry to read at night. However, this keyboard is very sturdy and durable for its design, and the cover on this keyboard is made of sturdy ABS plastic. The mechanical keys on this keyboard can also provide an excellent typing feel. This keyboard is also coated with a matte black colour, with anti-fingerprint, and is also very comfortable when using it. The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition is also available at the nearest store that sells products from Razer.


Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Drivers


Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Specifications

Keyboard Specifications

BRAND Razer Gaming
PRODUCT Razer BlackWidow
MODEL Tournament Edition 2014
COLOUR Essential
STYLE Razer Orange
MATERIAL Unspecified
14.42 Inc x 1.61Inc x 6.3 Inc
Mac Os X

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Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition (Windows)

Updated Date: 31 May 2021

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Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition (Mac)

Updated Date: 31 May 2021

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