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Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Review

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The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is one of Microsoft’s best products. This mouse is the best wireless mouse and can also be used anywhere. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 also has Microsoft BlueTrack technology, meaning you can use this mouse anywhere or at leisure. And also, when you’re on the move, you’ll barely notice the tiny transceiver on this mouse. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is the latest mouse from Microsoft so that you can comfortably use it.

Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Features and Design

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 has many of the same features as the Explorer Mini mouse. This mouse also uses Bluetrack sensing technology, which allows you to use it accurately on various surfaces. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 can also fix some of the Explorer Mini issues like removing the off switch, power saving, and right-hand design. This means that this mouse owns these two features.

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The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 features a plug-and-play hardware design that makes it easy to pair with a computer. Microsoft’s tiny USB plug refers to the Nano Transceiver, and it also houses the On/Off power switch and the slot for the AA battery. Microsoft also claims that this mouse can work very well for 10 months with 1 battery. The top of this mouse also has a small red LED light that lets you know when the battery is running low.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 has a proprietary technology owned by Microsoft called Bluetrack. Meaning you can combine the laser tracking precision of this mouse with a variety of standard optical mice. Meaning by using this mouse, you can use it on almost any surface. This means that you can hover your mouse over various surfaces such as tables, carpets, and rough textures at once by using this mouse. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is also available at the nearest store that sells products from Microsoft.



Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Specifications

Mouse Specifications


  • BlueTrack Technology

Plug-and-go nano transceiver

  • Or stow it in the mouse

Reliable 2.4-GHz

  • Enjoy the 2.4-gigahertz (GHz) wireless technology

Up to 10-month battery life

  • 10 months without having to change batteries

Flip 3D

  • Easily switch between open windows


  • Length: 102.5mm
  • Width: 60.8mm

Four-way scrolling

  • Scroll four ways for greater efficiency and Tilt Wheel Technology

Four customizable buttons

  • Get quick access to the media, programs, and files you use most often

System requirements

Operating systems

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android

Manual Download

Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Manual Setup (pdf)

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Drivers Download

Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Windows 10

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